Now just to be clear – I really like my phone – a Samsung Epic 4g (one of the original Galaxy S’s)  

I also like Android as a platform – I’m currently running Gingerbread.
Now, my phone, despite being pretty high-end when I bought it, doesn’t have a lot of on-board memory. It can take a 32 GB micro SD card (and came with 16 GB card) but has about 480 mb of usable on-board memory. Yeah, I know. That might not be so bad, but many developers don’t allow their apps to be installed on the SD card. OK, if the app is core, I maybe get this. If that app is designed to be a widget, I do get this. When the app is not central to basic operation and doesn’t depend on being used as a widget, why not give use the option (this is directed to you, G+ app developers)?  My wife and son have the LG Optimus S – a really nice phone for the price, but it has even less on-board memory. They are very limited in what they can install. I even buy apps, but I won’t buy what I can’t use. I will not buy apps that can’t install on the SD card any more. Don’t care how cool. 

Whose the worst offender – Google. I love G+; I like the G+ app. There is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be able to install it on the SD card (especially when it’s over 5 mb – a hefty mobile app). The folks in the Plex may all plan on sporting the Droid Razr with 16 GB on-board memory, but even the Galaxy Nexsus S – a reference phone, only has 1 GB. That will get chewed up pretty quickly with all that apps that can’t be moved over.