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Dame Agatha_Christie

I recently listened to The Mysterious Affair at Styles on Audible. It has been far too long since I’ve last read Agatha Christie, but this was a special treat because David Suchet, who portrays Poirot (say that 5 times, fast) in the TV series reads the book. Of course his Poirot is perfect.

David Suchet as Poirot

While I half-expected Hugh Fraser’s voice when Captain Hastings lines were read, Mr. Suchet does an admiral job with him as he does with the entire cast of characters. I loved his Inspector Jap.

David Suchet and Hugh Fraser

So if you need an Agatha Christie fix, this is a delightful antidote. If you’ve never been introduced to Agatha Christie and that brilliant, fussy Belgian Hercule Poirot, this reading is a delightful one. Indeed, this is the book that introduced him to the world. It also avoids that nasty habit for which she had such proclivity – heavily misleading evidence. In this case there is a clear over abundance of evidence and sifting through is your challenge whilst chuckling at Captain Hastings attempts to do so.

This production is one of those times when listening to the audiobook brings pleasures uniquely its own.