I don’t normally comment on movies, but Now You See Me critic reviews beg for a consumer’s response. When I last looked at Rotten Tomatoes, 47% of the critics liked it while 74% of movie goers did. That about sums it up; flip the numbers and you’ll get an idea of what audiences like as opposed to critics. What sets this move apart, however, are the fairly explicit accusations that if you like this movie you’re definitely provincial and probably a bit of a dolt. Take, for example., Bruce Bennett of Spectrum’s statement: “If you see only a handful of movies a year you’ll probably love it.” So, if you have a clue to life about movies, you’ll dish this one, otherwise – “don’t get out much do you?” Some say it’s plodding but the gist of most of them is that it’s empty entertainment.

Now You See Me

Um – yes. Yes, if you analyze the tricks deeply, there’s a bit of cheat involved. Yes, there are unanswered questions. Yes, there is some misdirection. And it was fast and furious fun. There is no deeper message here (if there were, the critics would probably whine about it being an over-bearing message film).

Now You See Me is a well-executed, clever ride – well beyond mere revenge and action, the movie moves us through some interesting puzzles, both in terms of situations and relationships. Now maybe this is the moron in me jumping out in full-fledged ignominy, but I didn’t guess the mastermind. I believe the movie succeeded on the level intended – smart, funny and fast entertainment. Could it have been better? Sure; I think Isla Fisher was underused. I think the ending was a bit anticlimactic. There were a couple of quick scenes in the beginning that had me doubting the PG-13 rating. All that being said, I actually want to see it again. It’s a solid 4 star fun movie.