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Janelle True’s debut album, Swept Away, is the perfect showcase for her vocal and song writing talent.

Janelle True Swept Away

Ms. True’s voice has a unique tone; listening to her is a little like being wrapped in multiple layers of sound like raw silk. She sings of heaven with a smooth, lilting tone while the earthy quality of her voice keeps her grounded. This voice is coupled with songs that portray life on this world while we look forward to a better country, a heavenly one. For example, What Have We reminds us that we have the surety of heaven in the midst of dark days:

What news these days is ever good. When the things we do aren’t the things we should. When all around our world gives way and the plans we make end in disarray

So what have we to stand on than the only solid ground and what have we to hear than the never ending sound of the angels singing Holy. Holy. Holy, of the people crying Glory. Glory. Glory…

Among her songs, she deals with our sin and troubles being swept away (Swept Away) to the sweep of time and our need to appreciate the time we have (Cherish Time), to reminding others of their beauty in the face of this world’s ugliness:

Fear, Fear in your eyes. Fingers like ice. Hold your hand. And tears stream from your eyes fall onto your cheeks and off your nose, but what you are is beautiful. No matter what they say. And what you are is lovely. You’ve always been this way.

And they try to tear you down with every word that they say. They should build you up, brick by brick, like brothers do…

Ms. True has a maturity in voice and word that belie her age. I heartily commend the album to you and look forward to what she does in the future.

The album will be available on iTunes and cdbaby; for more information: www.janelletrue.com

More of her videos are at Janelle True’s YouTube Channel.

If you live in the Triangle, you can also catch her on September 15th in downtown Raleigh:

Sunday, September 15 1:15 pm
Courthouse Porch Stage: Wake County Courthouse: 316 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC (MAP)
Free Admission