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Rachael – still from Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition (The Verge)

Anders Ramsell has made an amazing aquarelle (watercolor drawing) video homage to Blade Runner. While this kind of homage wouldn’t work for all film (e.g., Terminator, Iron Man), this dreamy, fluid representation seems the perfect fit for Blade Runner. After all, it is partly based on questioning what is real, what is one’s own nature – replicant (android) or human? Nor can you fully ignore the book’s title on which it’s based: Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep? I can think of no better way to bring out the surrealistic quality of Vangelis’s score. (Thanks to The Verge for writing highlighting this work, it’s an insightful article.)

I could also see this same technique be used for book trailer for Tears in Rain,  Rosa Montero (yes it references the famous Roy Batty speech). Overall, the action is too defined and stark for this treatment, but as a trailer…

If you’re at all a fan of Blade Runner, you’ve got to see this.