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Sound of Music - Live

Carrie Underwood as Maria? Seriously? Yes, seriously. NBC has some guts to take this on and live. First, full disclosure: I love Julie Andrews (this began when I saw her and Richard Burton in Camelot – whoa, I’m old) and I love the 1965 version of Sound of Music. Like True Grit, my initial response is “Why mess with near perfection?” (I still haven’t seen the 2010 remake although I hear it’s quite good.) Well, this is live TV, not a movie, so it’s not taking on the original quite head on. None the less, some guts.

What has piqued my interest, however, is that I had an opportunity to hear the soundtrack to tonight’s show. Carrie Underwood performs admirably on it. Her voice is lovely with a clear tone and good phrasing. There, I’ve said it. And no, it’s not just during the yodeling in “The Lonely Goatherd.” Now, a soundtrack does not a musical make. We’ll have to see tonight. However, I was quite surprised how good this is. Also, anything with Audra McDonald, is, by that very fact, good.


Audra McDonald with Carrie Underwood

So, surprise yourself and listen in with open ears and mind; from one who was ready to blow off this production, I now eagerly look forward to a pleasant surprise.

Carrie Underwood as Maria

Carrie Underwood as Maria