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I don’t know if they’re the most accessible orchestra on the planet on not, but they’re bringing great music to many in lot’s of innovative ways (not the least of which is in their ticket pricing – starts at $15).


I just found out that on Friday’s during their season, they webcast live performances. How cool is that! I had an opportunity to catch a very vibrant Copland piece (Hear Ye! Hear Ye!) which I’ve not heard before, an incredible Mason Bates concerto and Brahm’s Symphony Number 4. I found out about these through a post by Anne Akiko Meyers, an amazing violinist, who has performed other pieces by Mr. Bates. Speaking of accessible, Mr. Bates creates some of the more accessible modern concert music I’ve heard (and electronica). The cool part is that he doesn’t water down his music to make it accessible. There is melody and beat; there is musical narrative and not simply dissonant sound. Even something like his Terrycloth Troposphere allows a connection to the music I don’t often find in modern pieces; granted this is most likely my limitation, not the other composers.   

So, while I’m doing some work, I get to listen to (and periodically watch) some world-class music that brings out a rarely played piece by Copland, a debut of a Mason Bates Violin concerto played by the lovely Ms. Meyers and a fabulous Brahms symphony.

Slatkin, Meyers & Bates

Leonard Slatkin, Anne Akiko Meyers & Mason Bates

Not only does the DSO make some great music, webcast it to the world live and have some of the better social management I’ve seen from an orchestra, they do so with a repertoire that is at once fresh and, once again, accessible. Clearly Motown isn’t the only sound coming out of Motor City.

This Friday at 10:45 AM EST is the last live performance of this season playing some Mozart and Mendelssohn: with Mei-Ann Chen conducting and Marc-André Hamelin playing piano:

MOZART Overture to The Magic Flute
MOZART Piano Concerto No. 17
MENDELSSOHN Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream
MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 4, “Italian”

Really well done DSO. Thanks for DSOLive, for great music and for making it accessible. To whet your appetite for the Friday concert, a little DSOLive Encore: