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So we have a few bazillion options for reminders, calendaring, task management etc. What about those time when you just want a quickie reminder but either don’t have access to or don’t want to go into your tool of choice to set it up. Maybe you just to “Simply, simplify” (throwing in a little Henry David Thoreau never hurts ). If so, FollowUpThen is your service. It is dead simple and well designed. It’s one thing to design software that does a job well, it’s quite another to do a job well with good design while elegantly recovering from mistakes and errors. FollowUpThen nails does so with aplumb. They make it so you don’t have to remember arcane formats, reminding someone else is as easy as entering the email address on the CC line (sorry guys, that honey do list just got reminders) and they always confirm right away what they’re doing a make it easy to fix.

Simply send an email to @followupthen.com with the “when” described before the followupthen domain, e.g., 1day@followupthen.com. You can also set if for a time 4hours@followupthen.com or 11amJan14th2014@followupthen.com (they have tons of different formats to use.

That’s cool and all Joe, but I’ll be doing this when I’m out and about – I won’t have time to look up formats. No worries. First, they’ve got you covered with just about any format you want. Second, even if you mess up, they make it dead easy to fix.

Suppose you set a reminder to go to your son’s swim meet on the 21st of January to jan212014@followupthen.com. 

FUT Example 1

Well, that’s not supported. But you get an email indicating this:

FUT Wrong Format Ex

Just select Reschedule Your Followup and it walks you set the date and time.

FUT Wrong Format Fix

Enter the new time (examples are right on the side to help):


You never have to guess if you did it right; they always confirm, in this case right on the web page:

FUT Wrong Format Fix

What if you get it just wrong enough so that’s scheduled but at the wrong date or time? Dead easy. Since you receive a confirming email, you’ll know right away it’s wrong:


Well, 1720 might be a little too early for this reminder. Hit edit, and fix it


and confirmed.


So simply reminders and easy set up. There’s lot more you can do including SMS, tasks and managing followups with calendaring if you opt for the premium plan (essentially $50 per year or $5 a month). If you want more, folks have lots of tips and tricks to get more sophisticated such as one on Evernote integration and GTD.

Organization made easy.