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This has been a great week for letting my inner geek roam free. Of course, there was the May the Fourth celebration. This coincided with #ShakespeareSunday, so we had some interesting mash-ups celebrated such as that of Yoda and the Bard in The Empire Striketh Back.

empire striketh back

Audible’s helping with a SciFi audiobook sale through May 10th. Now, we have a super nova of geekiness in the form of Canadian geek bands colliding together to form geekbands.ca. I know what you’re thinking – how many bands focused on Geek culture in the chilly climes of Canada can there be? The number just in Ontario might surprise you. Some I know and love, like Debs & Errol and some are new to me like Copy Red Leader, formed from the dulcet voiced Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson.

There’s some all-out geek fun to be had here. Road trip to the Ottawa ComicCon? Try The Blast Processors’ “We Ride (Hang On).” Party for the new Dr. Who? Bring out Nerds with Guitars’ “Sympathy for the Daleks”. Seen one too many Elves flip their hair and had enough? Kari Maaren’s “Everybody Hates Elves” is for you.

Debs and Errol

Debs & Errol

I previously highlighted Debs & Errol’s “TIE After TIE”, but it never gets old:



Copy Red Leader

One of my new favorites is “Tatooine Blues” by Copy Red Leader. Not only is this a very clever song, but Ms. Hudson can seriously sing the blues. Oh the angst of life on Tatooine:

I’m on this sandy planet
I’ve never seen the sea
I am the victim of a cruel, cruel god
Who painted this misery


I’ll never escape this lonely landscape
These monotone vista views
This grit in my teeth
I can’t get no relief
Singin’ the Tatooine Blues
Singin’ the Tatooine Blues

I’m in this dirty old bar
Anchorhead’s got me down
I entertain the masses
Wearin’ this tarnished crown

My son, Guy, loves dwarves and looks askance at pretty boy elves. Hence, his love for

Kari Maaren

Kari Maaren

Kari Maaren‘s “Everybody Hates Elves”

Everybody hates elves.
Everybody can see
That we’re better than you.
This is knowledge that we
Hold over your heads.
You are all you can be,
But you’ll never be anything like us.
Everybody hates elves.
Everybody’s aware
That we elven-folk don’t
Really know that you’re there,
Or if you point it out,
Then we truly don’t care.
Everybody hates elves.

We are lovely and accomplished
Symbols of perfection;
We are slender, willowy,
And absurdly tall.
Humans long to sleep with us
And spawn pretty half-elves
With no human features
At all.



Then there’s geekin’ a cappella style with Moosebutter (now that’s a band name you’ll only find in Canada, or possibly Maine).

Whether it’s the joys of Harry Potter (Youtube video with an interview):

Harry Potter I’m quite sure
You’ll like your life in Gryffindor
Harry Potter, you cast your spell on me
Harry Potter, when school starts
You’ll fight against the darker arts
Harry Potter you cast your spell on me

or the Twilight parody Don’t Stop Buh-LEED-in (with Mister Tim and Plumbers of Rome)

there are some beautiful takes on geek culture.

Nerds with Guitars

Nerds with Guitars

If you feel affinity for the villains, you will definitely appreciate Nerds with Guitars’ Sympathy for the Daleks:

What did the Daleks ever do to you?
What makes us so much badder than that meddling doctor… who? 
We’re little more than garbage cans that barely reach your knees 
With bodies made of tin-foil and some flashing LEDs 

We’d like to get to know you better 
We think it’d be great 
It really means “I love you” when we say *EXTERMINATE* 

What is your big problem with the dark lords of the Sith? 
Those pesky rebel Jedis like to spread this hurtful myth 
The Force Choke and the Deathstar were unfortunate mistakes 
And the footage of the Ewok thing was obviously faked

You get the idea: fun. Check them out and their Sampler of Awesome. Pretty soon, they’ll even have those of us who live in the lower 48 singing O Canada whilst wearing our Storm Trooper cosplay suits.