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UPDATE to the UPDATE: Recently TechSmith updated Snagit again. While there’s still some areas that are less usable for me, they hate improved things. In particular, the intervening dialog that pops up between captures to chose image or video save has become useful. Rather than simply displaying the dimensions of your capture in pixels,  you can manually set the dimensions and then move the capture window around to compose the capture you want to make. It looks like TechSmith is listening and is back on track. All good news since even prior to th3e update it’s by far the best capture tool around.

UPDATE: Techsmith has helped to make Snagit 12 mostly work. I started to reflect a bit on why I’m disappointed; after all, I can pretty much do what I used to do. I finally recognized that it used to be a delight to use Snagit. It was clever, compact and cogently designed; now I can get done most of what I want to do. That’s not trivial; indeed, that’s really important to do so. In the process, however, they went from a great product to a good one. I think forum user chaosdivine puts it well: 

and the very cumbersome and useless profile interface changes in 12 are just really, really bad design. I dumped FireFox as a web browser since they force fed stupid and unnecessary UI changes on their users. And now Techsmith…Just one question, WHY?

Indeed, why?

Techsmith’s Upgrade to Snagit 12 has been more challenging than any previous release upgrade I’ve experience and I’ve been using Snagit for over 10 years. Techsmith has been very helpful with workarounds and alternate workflows to ease the transition to the new release. Some of those challenges are documented here. I document some of those in this video, but also pose some challenges to Techsmith on this release. It appears that the release is gear to new and casual users at the expense of seasoned power users. I believe they could have add (and removed) the same functionality without impacting existing users as starkly as they have. See if you agree:


Here’s more detail on changing the default behavior away from using the default behavior of the dialog to pop-up when you use print screen; this is shown in the updated 8.1: