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Imogen Heap Runtime

Imogen Heap, innovating once again, has released music videos for her upcoming album Sparks (will be released August 19th). Usually you’ll get one or two teasers but she gives you a full picture. If you haven’t chanced upon Ms. Heap’s music, she has a beautifully unique voice which avoids making every song sound alike by her incredible range of songs, embracing experimentation and her impeccable performance.

To get a sense of Ms. Heap’s experimentation and outright playfulness, take a look at this teaser for Sparks:


There is a sense of magic in all she does, by which I mean fanciful flights of delightful surprise. She weaves technology, cultural themes and haunting beauty into her songs in contrasting ways. For example, look at the music video of Cycle Song. The content is about as old school as it gets with Buddhist monks in Sakteng, and folk dancing. Yet it uses time elapsed photography and a contemporary tempo to the music which pulls in elements from Buddhist chant in more modernized setting.


Ms. Heap’s music is whimsical and compelling as evidenced by her opening “alarm” in Run Time, those incredibly fabulous multi-colored Converse sneakers and, of course, the music and lyrics:

Sparks might fly, in no time.
It’s a delayed reaction of the third kind. (ooh)
I’m so ready for this.
Shrink-wrapped tones, I can face the music.
Stop matters bonding us way beyond
Our best by-days.

You know we’ve had it good, we’ve had it bad, so no hard feelings.
We’ve done all we could and all again. I’m done pretending.
Let’s quit while we’re still friends.


Ms. Heap travels through different tempos, musical themes and instrumentation the way the TGV train takes you from Dijon to Paris: with ease and panache. She is a Makers Faire dream girl building new tech to perform in new ways as in Me the Machine:

Ms. Heap’s music celebrates life, in all its diverse forms, and some of that celebration is done in a joyful flight of dance:

She also can be somewhat serene and philosophical as in Neglected Space, wherein we primarily look at the neglect of each other but also at the negative space between things, that land, emotional and otherwise, we neglect but could be a place to learning and refreshing.

I watch you come and go
I know you can hear my voice
Don’t walk away
Come daydream with me
In closed loops and future-proof cardboard to caviar.
Let’s show them how good we are.
If you look after me, I’ll look after you.

I could go on, but you’ll form your own views once you listen. I will simply say that I am eagerly awaiting Sparks but until then I’ll love viewing her music videos multiple times.


Imogen Heap

Sparks songs:
1. You Know Where to Find Me
2. Entanglement
3. The Listening Chair
4. Cycle Song
5. Telemiscommunications
6. Lifeline
7. Neglected Space
8. Minds Without Fear
9. Me The Machine
10. Run-Time
11. Climb To Sakteng
12. The Beast
13. Xizi She Knows
14. Propeller Seeds

Sparks @ Amazon: