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Yael Meyers | Photo by Naomi Solomon

I’ve recently run into a couple of artists that are new to me whose music is delightful both in word and sound; Yael Meyer is one of those artists (the other is Paper Lights about whom more later).  Ms. Meyer’s warm voice invites us in and keeps us home, so to speak. She’s about to release her newest album, Warrior Heart on September 16th; I await its publication with bated breath.


Yael Meyer’s music is principally about love, most of which is not what you would call a “love song.” Much of her music is about the power of love, a love that transforms you into a warrior willing to fight for love; willing to make it happen. Love that needs to be protected and nourished, comes along and “reminds of the beauty of it all, reminds us to be strong.”  She sings of a love that makes everything all right. Now, my dear cynical readers, you might be thinking that means her songs are going to be syrupy sweet. Not so much. They can be sweet and light (Everything Will Be Alright). However, Fire‘s all about our listening to our pain and growing through it or it will burn us up. I Wonder How is about the challenge of how to forgive those who have wounded us and receive forgiveness from those we hurt; how will we find common ground (hence the album’s title). But really – it’s all about love.


Let’s take a look back at some songs from her body of work. In her album Common Ground, Ms. Meyer’s Spread the Word is about finding common ground in love:

if you and I were born in a place that had no name
it wouldn’t matter if our skins were not the same
if you and I agree that love will set us free
we’ll spread the word, we’ll spread the word

It’s ultimately not agreeing on everything that sets us free of animosity towards others, rather it is love that allows us to love those who are different.

Shed Their Fear from Everything Will Be Alright, we can carry one another in the dark places of our lives:

Living in a world of lies is not amongst the holy sites I site from here
Grant me strength to dissipate the dark that haunts and pierces deeply like a spear

Shed their fear
Shed their fear on me

As I walk above the pavement, I can feel you walking with me carrying me




Love is to be nourished and cherished:

I’m an uprooted tree
Please be kind with me
I’m lost and undefined
I’ve got a restless mind
And a warrior inside my heart

I’m an unfinished road
A bird that flies away from the cold
I’m a lover with no game
And I’ve got no one to blame
For the ailings in my warrior heart

So love me love me so
Love me like you can’t let go
Love me even when I’m so hard to love
Love my warrior heart love my warrior heart


We are drawn into Ms. Meyer’s songs not only through her compelling vocals, but also through our shared experiences – we’ve felt ourselves crushed with the light of love in our warrior heart nearly extinguished. We have felt the joy of knowing we carried another for a time. We have struggled to forgive and be forgiven. So let us celebrate the lovely music of Ms. Meyer and, thus, celebrate love.

Want to find out more? In anticipation of the Warrior Heart’s release, she has some songs available as part of a Meet Yael Meyer EP on Noisetrade. Also, if you’re Amazon Prime, Everything Will Be Alright is available as part of Prime Music.

BONUS FUN: Ms. Meyer participated with some other LA singer/songwriters in a cover of Lumineer’s Hey Ho – loads o’ fun (plus you get to see her frame her baby in her hands)

Happy listening

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