Good story with Ms. Sands infusing it with a world weary voice in the reading. Six minute flash fiction – what’s not to love?

Continuing with our spotlight on Six Minute Story, the wonderful li’l site for jumpstarting your creativity with a 6-minute flash fiction/nonfiction writing challenge. Want to join in the fun? Cruise to Six Minute Story, write something, and shoot me (Xe) the link via email at voxology(at)xesands(dot)com. Easy-peasy. If you want to record it, even better! Upload it to SoundCloud and shoot me the link, and I’ll include it in next week’s post!

This week, we’ve got a piece from kayemnic in audio, and these gems in print:

Tree Nymph, by M.v. Freeman

Epistemophobia, by Galen Sanford

Dawdling, by Seeingmore

Finishing up with some original poetry from Wayne Gatfield.

The Border, by kayemnic & Six Minute Story

Read by Xe Sands

In a fit of pique, we cross it – that line, that border, into The Bad Place, a place of self-torment…

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