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The Lumia series has an audio setting for headphones using processing from Dolby.


While many rave on the setting for music, I don’t use because 1) I like unaltered sound (more about this here) and 2) I like a forward, intimate sound stage rather than a broad one. However, when it comes to audio books, it really rocks. It broadens the sound stage to something similar to watching a movie. One of the best uses of this is listening to Ender’s Game Alive (more here) which is a well produced audio play version of the book with a full cast, sound effects and a full range of sound placement. For example, when Ender & Petra are spinning in the battle room, their voices spin around you. The echo when Ender and Bean talk from inside of the Formic’s cave is perfect. [Note: As of 9/25/14, the CD version is on sale at Amazon for an amazing $4.33! Audible is still only $11.95]  The sound is stunning with my Shure SE215s.

It’s great for “normally” (i.e., single-narrator performed) narrated audiobooks as well.


This also works well for movies, movie trailers and TV, for example, from Netflix.


So if you have a Nokia Lumia, give the Dolby setting a try for your audiobook & Netflix pleasure.