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UPDATE – I am no longer posting to FDRMX, AKA MusicSnake, AKA ppcorn (US). Existing posts remain, but (the rare) new music reviews will be done on this site.


“We both step and do not step in the same rivers. We are and are not” – Heraclitus


Heraclitus’ famous phrase was not an ancient Greek understanding of Quantum Physics but rather a statement that all things change. So too for this blog. Music posts are moving to FDRMX, about which more below. All other types of posts will remain right here. Due to some projects, however, I will take a week’s hiatus from posting. Starting on October 21st, look to my typical Tuesday and Thursday posts (with the occasional post thrown in between).


I’ve been active on this blog for a year and half with a focus on books, music and movies with some technology and culture posts from time to time. I will continue to blog here about all of that except music (with rare exceptions). I’ve joined the great team over at FDRMX and will writing about music on FDMRX, which focuses exclusively on music. So for those of you who have followed my blog for the music posts, thanks. I hope some have been helpful. If you’re interested, you can still follow my posts on FDMRX here. In fact, I have five posts there now on everything from a review of Joshua Bell’s Bach to a review of “You and Me”, the first song from Pink and City and Colours’ collaboration as You+Me. I still write on topics I pick, still call ’em as I see ’em and still provide examples and evidence for all the points I make. It’s not just reviews I’ll be writing either; there are some general music blog posts. For example, I wrote one on the benefits of subscribing to a music service as well as on the need (or lack thereof) of violinist Joshua Bell’s to redeem himself after being ignore playing Bach in a subway. So, it’s still me on music, maybe just taking it up a notch. While there, you’ll want to check out some of the other writers. There’s an amazing amount of cool content for all things music. 

Remember, posts about books, movies and technology will continue right here; there will still be posts, usually on Tuesdays & Thursdays with occasional posts between. It’s a very amicable split with myself allowing each part of me to focus more.