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Janelle True

Janelle True’s gearing up to put out a new album. You may recall I reviewed her debut album, Swept Away, which introduced us to her vocal and song writing talent. Janelle True Swept Away Now she’s posted “Catch Me” both as a teaser for her unnamed album coming this winter and as an entry into a Guitar Center’s Singer Songwriter contest.   “Catch Me” is a poignant song about that nascent time where a relationship is a turning point. It is at that scary edge where you admit to yourself that you care and you don’t know yet if that love is requited: “Well all that I know is I fell more than I show and I cling to false hopes like I’m tethered. …be kind, don’t show more than  you feel. What if you don’t catch me.” I love the way her voice follows her hopes and fears – it climbs as she sings about fantasizing about the relationship and falls when she worries he might not catch her. I also love her line about the cost of transparency. We must risk revealing our true hearts to win true love. (Of course guys, that’s for you to step up and bare your soul.) I’m pleasantly surprised by the overall acoustic tone of the video given that it’s recorded in a relatively, sonically, bright room with lot’s of reflective surfaces on which sound waves can bounce. It sounds quite good. So best wishes to Janelle for the contest. The debut album is available on Amazon, iTunes and cdbaby; for more information: www.janelletrue.com Her videos are at Janelle True’s YouTube Channel.