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While today’s post isn’t precedent-breaking, it is only my second travel review (the Minnis House being the first). I recently found myself needing a place to stay in Rock Hill, South Carolina (just below Charlotte, NC). The first night was for four people, the second night was for six and the last night for two. So, I was trying to find a suite that could accommodate six where at least two rooms could do so. For reasons that remain a mystery to me, hotel rooms were booked all over Rock Hill. So I found myself looking at bed-and-breakfasts; I use the word “myself” loosely here. Kelly, my wife, did the research. East Main Guest House seemed like a good destination. It’s within walking distance to downtown, easy driving distance to a mall (which became critical about which more later). The prices were no more than any other local commercial hotel and it had a real breakfast thrown in. Mind you, four of the six guests are teenagers, so there’s some real eating going on here.


The B&B turned out to be quite a delight. Not only did they accommodate my expanding needs, but did so with panache. The proprietor (and cook), Melba Peterson was very helpful as were Scott & Donna Peterson who have a little more hands-on taking care of the place. The inn is spotless, the people personable, and the food is fabulous. Ms. Peterson is ready to engage you in conversation or leave you alone, as you desire. What we enjoyed most was the quiet and calm of the inn (compared with most commercial hotels) and the breakfasts. Logistically, as I noted it’s near downtown and there’s plenty of parking in the back with entry and exit easily accomplished. I had to go to the local mall to outfit one of the teen boys in full regalia as he didn’t bring a suit and tie for the occasion. I walked into J. C. Penny with a semi-casual looking boy and came out with a GQ stud (yes they allowed us to buy and wear on the spot – suit, tie, shirt, t-shirt and shoes). Being near the mall proved to be very helpful.

I would highly recommend the East Main Guest House to anyone staying in Rock Hill, whether passing through or staying for a week. You’ll enjoy the ambiance, the conversation, and the food.