Plumb (Tiffany Lee) separates herself from the Contemporary Christian crowd with her lyrics and genre-bending music, sometimes alternative rock or electronic dance music, that just doesn’t fit into the peg holes of genre. She seems less willing to follow a winning formula for popularity and more willing to open the nitty, gritty world of living the Christian life in this “not yet” time. She does so in spades in Exhale. It is a worship album without being insipid elevator music and rather than being based on general theology, she lays out how her theological-wheel met asphalt; it lives where rubber meets the road.


Throughout the album, the themes of God’s loving us where we are, the church being called to be a safe place of God-enabled love for those who are not only broken but are still breaking and the focus of our lives in not how great we can be for God but how great our God is and what He has already done through Jesus for us shine.

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