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There are few artists that portray heart and emotion better than Florence + The Machine. Florence Welch, in particular, lays her heart on the table and presents it to us with that iconic tone of hers. She is haunting and driving, clear as a clarion call and mysterious as the sea. She connects us in our foolishness even as she jumps out of the social norm. In this album, she uses her incredible vocal and emotional range to deal mostly the challenge of, shall we say, difficult relationships, of love and loss. She is a true chanteuse, she tells stories with her songs, albeit through hints and pictures. They’re not straight-forward stories; her narrative arc is the equivalent to abstract art. She hints, she points, and she paints a brief vignette evoking emotions and memories within us without fully filling out the story. She allows us to bring our own experiences to her work and connect with it in unique ways.

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