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Shannen Nicole

Shannen Nicole

Shannen Nicole encapsulates the four elements in her performance on her new album Captive being released 7-7-15.  Throughout the album there is an earthy, grounded quality to her voice; rather than being a disembodied, ethereal sound, hers is clear but with rich timbre. When the strings come in during “Stay” it’s as if her voice comes in on the wind imploring her lover to stay with her. She brings fiery words of condemnation in “Wicked Lullaby.” Her voice flows on the smooth water of a melodic river in “Sensitive” and comes in crashing wave after wave of heartbreak in “She Knows It.” In other words, singer/songwriter Shannen Nicole brings it all, even a bit of a bluesy vibe to the ballad “Captive.”

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Ms. Nicole summarizes her own album well:

She stares back at him, enthrawled by his clueless smile
Foolish she is, a damsel in distress
Waiting to be saved by the ever-promising night.
But, he told me he cared, he told me of my eyes
He left me captive with no disguise.
It was once upon a lie, a misfortune to once upon a time
A story regarding her sensitive fears.
She knows it, she knows of her fragile feelings
Yet, the lonely heart she possesses beats erratically
She begs them to stay
As he sings her his wicked lullaby.
Choices haunting her to sleep
Choices guiding her mistique
At 2am finally balancing the key to her own harmony.


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