Nice review of Rebirths of Tao – Wesley Chu (sadly still on my TBR list but changing that soon) Loved the other two, Lives of Tao & Deaths of Tao.


20765775What is the best thing about Wesley Chu?  He makes reading a story about a parasitic alien race, plotting to terraform the earth, funny and riveting.  He could have gone for frightening but Chu made his aliens lovable.  They have, after all, been around since the dinosaurs, inhabiting a large assortment of creatures, across evolution until they found the human race.  Through humans, they found intelligent creatures, or I should say intelligent enough creatures, they could use to realize their dreams. A dream of making the earth a nice soupy mess for aliens to live in.  It’s unfortunate that it will be unlivable for humans.  As a human this sounds terribly wrong, but they were here before us.  They are smarter than us and as a famous Genjix leader, Zoras, would say, “…humans to aliens are like ants to humans.  You wouldn’t be concerned if you crushed an ant beneath your…

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