Simon Pegg in a ghillie suit in the middle of a field. OK, stop right there and take that in.


Simon Pegg

In some ways, that image epitomizes the newest addition to the Mission Impossible franchise, Rogue Nation. It has the most embedded humor woven throughout the film of any of the MI movies while maintaining the action, mystery and surprises which are its hallmark.  This ties with Mission Impossible III for my favorite in the series (Philip Seymour Hoffman was just a fabulous bad guy). What makes this one so good? For starters, it contains the consistently solid full-on performance of Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg’s humor, Rebecca Ferguson’s capable British counter-point whose allegiance isn’t fully made clear until the latter part of the film and well-honed execution by all throughout the film. An example of this is the requisite chase scene. You know it will have one. You know it will be fast. You know it won’t lead to any real resolutions. So how does it keep from being mundane? It has a beautifully choreographed and photographed motorcycle chase in a crowded, chaotic city and a tortuous mountain road. It also has a few humorous spots. So while chase scenes are old-news this one didn’t feel well-worn. This movie fires on all cylinders.

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