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I’ve tried a number of indoor antenna for my TV (a 32″ LG HDTV that has a fabulous, albeit small, picture). While I’ve been able to receive most channels in our area, I’ve never been able to get our public TV channel, UNC-TV, consistently from Cary. It’s in a different direction and further away than the Raleigh channels. I was on the edge of breaking down and getting a decent outdoor antenna (with a little motor to allow the antenna to be turned.) OK, I was on the edge of thinking seriously about getting more serious about an outdoor antenna.) My family and I don’t watch a lot of traditional TV (although one of my teens can do some serious binge watching on Netflix), but when I do, I typically watch PBS (queue Dos Equis man).

I came across 1byone’s 50-mile antenna. While Chapel Hill is within 50 miles, in fact, it’s slightly under 25 miles, no “25-mile” antenna could pick it up at my location (terrain, trees and just plain trouble). So, I was skeptical about its effectiveness, however, my laziness beat out my skepticism. (I really didn’t want to get up on the roof.) I gave the antenna a try. W00t W00t. I’m so glad I did. Not only did I get UNC-TV (all 4 flavors), but pretty much everything else as well. The big bonus: I don’t have to reposition for different channels – it picks them all up in one position.


Not to say there’s a particular show of particular interest coming near (some) Christmas :)


or two with Endeavor (OK maybe there’s so more)

Not only does this little technical gem work well, but it was dead easy to install. Basically, plug in the amplifier. attach the cable to said amplifier and TV, and place the antenna on a window with included sticky-patches (technical term) or in my case, put it on the mantle strategically kept in place by a wooden box. It’s nice when a product works as advertised right out the box with no fuss. That’s 1byone’s antenna. Picture and sound are great. My Yamaha RX-V375 streams the lovely Dolby digital sound with nary a hiss and the picture has all of its little pixels in their place.

So for you cable cutters that use the internet, Netflix, Amazon Prime and have been pining for an HDTV streaming solution without have a big aerial on the house, you might want to give this one a shot. The 25-mile version is $17 and the 50-mile version is $37. As Mr. Universe said, “You can’t stop the signal, Mal”