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Got to love the time on this phone

Recently, I bought a Microsoft Lumia 950 Windows 10 phone. Love is a pretty strong word when it comes to inanimate objects, so let’s just say I thoroughly appreciate this phone’s features and capabilities; I am, perhaps, inordinately fond of what I can do with this phone. (More on how this fits in my mobile world here.) One of those features I love is its WQHD (2560 x 1440) 5.2” AMOLED ClearBlack screen. Whilst this lovely 564 ppi eye candy is covered with Gorilla Glass, even that can be scratched or, heaven forbid, cracked. Enter the world of tempered glass screen covers. In particular, Trushield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Lumia 950 comes to the rescue.


a side view with TruShield on

Before I wax poetic on the virtues of glass screen covers, let’s walk down memory lane. Back in the day, we had to settle for plastic film, the installation of which would break me in to sweats and soapy fingers. Once done, even if you did avoid bubbles (which was unlikely), viewing your phone screen was like looking through a mirror, darkly. Why have these great screens if we can’t view them in all of their luscious glory? True ballistic tempered glass covers avoid these limitations.


They install relatively easily. They are super-clear to look through (you’ll often forget you have one on) and if it gets horribly scratched, you’re out $10 or $15 and you just get another cover. So, all is well with the world, right? Not so much. My first experience with tempered glass, through personal recommendation, was Tech Armor for my wife’s iPhone 6. It worked well and, at least in my experience, is some of the best tempered glass available. Alas, they service a very limited market of only the very most popular phones, chiefly iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. While the Lumia 950 is fabulous, it’s not super popular. So, for those of us who follow a road less traveled, we need to turn elsewhere. Now lots of folks sell things they call tempered glass but are plastic film; stiffer than a Zagg cover but they still tend to have bubbles. It turns out to be quite challenging to get a good tempered glass cover, at least on Amazon. The first one I ordered came without the cover at all. The box had the alcohol square to clean the glass, dust absorbers but no glass cover! The second one was a mediocre film cover; clearly not tempered glass. Then there was TruShield. Finally!


My Lumia 950 – with notes on the cut-outs

TruShield tempered glass actually did install in a straight-forward fashion sans bubbles. Looking at my screen with it on is indistinguishable from when it wasn’t on. All scrolling, gestures, selections and anything else that requires our little digits touching the screen work perfectly. No sensors, lenses or mics were harmed in the making of this safety. In other words, it does the job for which it was designed. That is, alas, a stunningly rare thing. I heartily recommend TruShield tempered glass screen protectors for your Lumia, HTC, LG or whatever your poison. If you ever get a slight cut across your screen (as a friend of mine did on his LG G4’s screen protector), you’ll be glad you did.