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One of the complaints about Microsoft’s Lumia 950 is that some think it just doesn’t feel or look like a flagship phone. While I love the phone and the Windows 10 Mobile OS,  the phone did seem to lack a certain panache. Mozo Accessories, a Finnish company who worked closely with Nokia and now is an official partner of Microsoft, comes to the rescue with their leather covers; they replace the original plastic back cover.

UPDATE: Alas, while they look fabulous out the box, the sides wear easily near the ports, so I cannot recommend them anymore. See below for details.

UPDATE Again 9.30.16: I’ve also purchased the Cognac version (brown leather with exposed stitching). I’ve had it for at least the same time period as the white leather and it seems to have held up much better. So, I’m back to recommending this back cover.



Mozo’s back cover for the Lumia 950 XL

These back covers are not just another pretty face either – they support Qi wireless charging. They seem durable with metallic accents and unique looks. While I really like the brown leather and its stitching, I went for the subtler white version; a bit of a nostalgic nod to my (now old) white Nokia Lumia 920. The phone stays slim with its perfect fit, has precise openings where needed, grips well in the hand and, while it has very defined edges, it doesn’t dig into your hand. A nice cover indeed. (BTW, I bought mine at MobileFun – they seem the least expensive place and it arrived in perfect condition and timely.)


Now the rest of this phone is rock-a-lockin’. I find the Windows 10 Mobile interface smooth, intuitive and a delight to use. The phone sports  a 5.2 in,  2560 x 1440 screen with 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage with a microSD slot for another 128 GB (which can go up to 200 GB), a Qualcomm six-core Snapdragon 808 processor running Windows 10 (mobile) with a 20 megapixle camera (using fifth generation optical image stabilization) weighing in at 150 g being 8.2 mm thick. This means it’s an amazing phone with a stunning camera and utterly gorgeous screen. Use a Display Dock (and Continuum), keyboard and monitor, it can become an office away from home.


So this lovely bit of tech now looks like the flagship phone it was destined to be.



Update 9/20/16: Here’s the Cognac version after 3 months of use:



Much to my chagrin, this destined look is short-lived. After only 2 & 1/2 months of pretty easy wear, both the USB-C and Headphone jack ports have degraded and the silver metal-like coating is gone around them (see below). For over $40, I would expect better wear. So I went out of the way to get a cover to really give a flagship look to the phone and, it ends up looking a bit cheap.


Highlighted USB – C port where the silver has flaked off.


Highlighted headphone jack where the silver has flaked off