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So I took a peak into Olivia Millerchin on Noisetrade. Wow. I immediately downloaded her recent EP Over the Weather as well as her record Yes. No. Maybe So. and EP Planted. If she had more, I would download them all. She has a gorgeous voice that can convey playfulness and intimacy at the same time. She was on America’s Got Talent as Livy, Matt & Sammy, but I missed it. I’ll write a fuller review later but I just want to highlight a couple of songs:

And I this is a dream
I don’t want to wake up, don’t want to put on make up, don’t want to face the liars,
corruption of the mind that happens over time ‘cuz everybody’s chasing something that we wasted.

I’m buying my time for now, cuz it don’t cost much.
But I’m losing my sense of how long I have left.
When were young, when we’re young we know not.

I love James from Yes. No. Maybe so. and dealing with “that guy”  :

That jaw line and his complimenting lies could get him anything he’d like. To go somewhere that the air is clear and there’s no fear that his dreams will wash away, only tides.

And everything he is, is my downfall.

But he’ll catch me, I hope. Yes he’ll catch me. Forgot a rope, or a net or whatever, I need you anyway. So please catch me.


Olivia Millerschin

Anyway, you get the idea. Like I said, more later but for now check out this fabulous talent: Olviia Millerschin