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Attack The Geek Cover

Attack the Geek (available April 7th) is a brief gambol into the funky fighting world of Ree Reyes & Co. If you haven’t stepped through the looking glass into Ree Reyes world before, I commend to your reading enjoyment Geekomancy and its sequel Celebromancy. [Full disclosure: I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.] Mr. Underwood adds to the canon with this novella which leaps immediately into action and takes you through a fast ride to the end. This is perfect for a novella – sharp focus with a quickly paced narrative. Also nicely done is the finish; it wraps up reasonably well but leaves you wanting more. I could easily tear right into a next Ree Reyes novel if there were one. Adroitly done, Mr. Underwood.

Even in this brief foray into the underbelly of Pearson, Mr. Underwood is able to give a sense of community and camaraderie that holds his characters together. I’m reminded of Whedon’s Firefly characters’ relationships as depicted in these lines with Saffron:

Saffron: Everybody plays each other. That’s all anybody ever does. We play parts.
Mal: You’ve got all kinds o’ learnin’ and you made me look the fool without even trying, yet here I am, with a gun to your head. That’s ’cause I got people with me. People who trust each other, who do for each other, and ain’t always lookin’ for the advantage.

Reyes has similar relationships with Drake, Eastwood and Grognard as well as others. They literally and figuratively lean on each other and it gets them through an astonishing array of bad thrown at them.

Michael R Underwood Throne

Michael R Underwood – undergoing his daily exercise in scheming for power

As with the other Ree Reyes books, the pop/geek culture quips come fast and furious; you don’t need to get them all to like the books but it helps to be fairly familiar with geek culture. Humor, action, clever quips and a little peek into the inner psyche of man; it doesn’t get much better and definitely not much more fun than this.

Fan art of Drake, Reyes & Eastwood from Shira-Chan – http://shira-chan.deviantart.com/